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So, of course, seven year old is now back in (ugh) public school. Why? Because he WANTED to go, and be with his friends. This means, he is staying with Mom, twins (the evil ones) and whoever his mama is with this week. She 'can't' work because her grandma (in whose house she is living) 'won't' watch the kids. So...yeah, she had to quit her job....again.

All of this means, seven year old is not coming over,or going to church. (which I think is a real shame...no I don't go either, but heck, I'm working seven days a week) He is with people who seem to think reading is a lost art, they are getting him a 'smart phone' so he can play pokemon go with the rest of the family, and generally, his 'babysitter' is the television. One more kid who is going to grow up thinking that if he whines and cries enough, he'll get whatever he wants, and not have to work for it. Can you say...welfare statistic?

Anyway, all that means, we are concentrating on us. Granddaughter is learning her alphabet and numbers. At two, she is further advanced than 7 year old. Won't be surprised to find her reading at three. Heck, I was. Also, daughter is concentrating now on doing some upgrades to her home. Redoing kitchen floor, deciding on paint for walls...getting away from 'smoker's beige' and getting things organized, despite two year old and six cats. (and mother who tries to be organized, but seems to dwell in land of 'sometimers' Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't.)

Hopefully I'll be getting that house sold. Fired first agent (should have done that months ago) and got someone who is actually hustling. Heck, he was calling people before I even signed with him. Keeping fingers crossed that someone will actually take that place over.

Otherwise...working, starting on Etsy website to sell crocheted stuff....waiting to find out where husband will be serving. He said Oklahoma....we'll see. Anyway, over 17 years, if he survives the first five, I'll be shocked. His family history says he'll be dead by then. Of course, if he's in gen pop...he'll be dead by the first week. Would I sound hard if I kinda was looking at that? Well...what he did....yea.

Well....start of winter. While I won't be doing candle rituals, I will be doing some kind of ritual. Even if it is just wandering on out to Wild Cat Glades and enjoying the afternoon out there. After we get the kitchen floor done, of course. I won't run out of the daughter and make her do all that by herself. Maybe we'll all three go out one afternoon. Just to get daughter out of the house and relaxed.

As the stomach churns

All I can say is....Thank the Goddess I'm NOT a part of that family...and I wish to hades and back they would all drop off the face of the earth....or at least go bother someone else, other than my son in law.
You see...it is his oldest daughter, from his first marriage.
She is married, has three children, one is seven, the twins are just over two years old. Said twins run everything and rule the roost. If they want something specific to eat, that is what everyone eats. If they don't want to go to bed, no one does, what they want to watch on tv is what everyone watches.
The seven year old is a super sensitive little wimp. Hate to say it about him, but he is. Won't stand up to the younger kids. Just sits and cries....a lot. He has also failed kindergarten. The only reason he wasn't told he was repeating kindergarten a third time, I think the teacher got sick and tired of his attitude, which sucks. (yeah...at seven)
Now, my daughter, who I homeschooled, is trying to homeschool him. Ok, so he's ok at math, and telling time. He won't read. Not unusual, no one else in his family reads. They are all too busy playing on their phones, watching tv (or in the case of his whore/slut mama) boffing anything in pants she can get to get near her (won't work, doesn't want to take care of her kids) and fighting with her husband, and of course, using the seven year old as a weapon to try and hurt said husband. (they hide his clothing so he's got nothing to wear, and blame each other, won't pick him up when they said they would, outings are on a 'maybe I will, maybe I won't, basis, and if it can be super inconveniant to the other, they'll do it. All of which is hurting the boy. (and yes, they ARE under investigation by CPS, and with her mama's new hubby probably going to jail, for same reason as mine....I won't be surprised if either his grandpa (son in law) has to take him permanently) or all three get sent to different foster homes. Which would be great for the twins to be separated, since they are holy terrors together. Either way, at least they would get a stable DECENT homelife, not moving every two months (evicted for not paying rent, or causing a disturbance) having enough clothing to wear, being able to get schooling (boy won't read....can it REALLY take three days to read Cat in the Hat????? most of the words are the same...RECOGNIZE THE DAMNED WORDS, DON'T CRY AT ME WHEN I POINT OUT YOU JUST READ THE DAMNED WORD)

So....between slut/whore mama banging her way through anyone who can stomach the idea of actually touching her (which is why I said whoring wasn't an option....not ugly, but certainly not trying, which is why current bed partners (yes plural) are either drug addicts or braindead) Daddy doing his very best to make things as bad as possible, by promising to pick up the boy (twins are not his....but he WAS willing to be their daddy and help raise them, if mama would stop whoring around and come back) and then just not showing up, not calling or anything. Boy is upset most of the time, so does everything he can to NOT learn anything....

He is certainly getting the attention. But....one more time of him sitting there and no even recognizing 'the' in a simple kiddie book, and I'm liable to decide that 'pain teaches like nothing else' and whap the shit out of him. (and yes...he had to sit there and try to sound out 'the' when he saw the word in almost every damn line of the book. They started the book, Cat in the Hat at nine am....by five pm, not even half through.
Ok, so....four full loads out of the house. All the sellable stuff, now I'm left with the rest of it all. (anyone want a pile of world of darkness books? no, I don't feel like trying to sell the damn things...stopped playing that a while back) Along with planters and such.
Power of Attorney finally came through. I can now take money out of his account, and have.
Helps out....still have to watch things. He'll lose his SS, probably after this next month. If he hasn't already lost it. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

One final clean out and turn off the utilities. Then get the house sold.
One last push to get rid of stuff. After this, call restore...have them come by and pick up anything they might want. Box up the rest and give to DAV, Goodwill...whatever. Be sure to give all those old glasses to Walmart. Then....clean up the house, turn off utilities and see about selling it. Get the paperwork together, show all updates and such.

You can do this, I know you can. Of course, selling and such, waiting on that damned power of attorney. Might call the jail again.

Get what needs to be done first. THEN you can play.

A letter to myself

Dearest self,
You still have a lot of things to do. Cleaning out the last room of the house, getting rid of as much as possible. Did get rid of the car. May have only gotten a hundred for it, but for a 93 olds, that frankly needs a LOT of work...that isn't too bad. I did get nearly five hundred dollars in the yard sale. That is NOT bad. Daughter will be taking on yard sale next Saturday.

Be sure to keep track of funds. Especially those for bills and that you take from husbands account. As long as you still have those loans to deal with, you'll need to make sure things are up to date. As well as the utilities from the old house. Don't forget, you do have that one guy who might buy the house.

Don't worry about things. They are getting done.

Oh...be sure to check on Chocolate. If she hasn't had those kittens, she's going to have them soon.

with love
So....an edited version of my last post.
Husband was taken to jail last of January
wimped out on telling mother in law...thank the Goddess she has forgiven me. (and if she has, I don't give a good rats fuck about anyone else' thinking on this)
Been cleaning house. 20 years of a pack rat hoarder. My stuff....could have fit into a small uhaul
His stuff....would strain two semi's

that 'twitchy' feeling

Ever just get that 'twitchy' feeling? You know, the one that is right between your shoulder blades...like someone is about to throw a knife at that spot? I got that one a few times yesterday.

Couple of guys walk in. Now, this is nothing abnormal, of course, we ARE a humane society and all...still. Despite the sign saying we are closed, another sign stating the kennel is closed for cleaning, they try to walk back there. Once I've gotten them to accept the idea that they cannot go back there, they start in with the questions.

Do you have pits? Well, probably, but quite frankly, most places around here don't allow you to have them. I should have gotten them that piece of paper that states where you can, and cannot have them. Since this does deal with full blood and crosses.

Of course, after I told them I have no idea of what we've got back there...is 'other shelter' open? Do THEY have pits (no, they are closed, and more than likely, since they are, as we are, in an area that doesn't allow them...and they have animal control picking them up) No, you cannot just walk in there and adopt a pit.

Some other things...the cat I KNEW was sick...was. The Vet put him down. Cloe is now ready, as is Greta. I'll find out about Lemonaide when I get in. Candi IS pregnant...too far along for the abort/spay. Vet blames herself on that, said she should have taken care of her a couple of weeks ago. Well...she IS rather small, either only one kitten in there...maybe two. Not a problem.

I'm just hoping that I'll be able to get more cages in. Now that we finally have an animal control officer again, means we'll be getting all those cats/dogs/rats/skunks/exotice aliens that people have been calling about. Honestly, I think we need to change our recording. Give people the number FOR animal control, so they stop ordering us to pick up those stray animals.

Other than that...kittens are growing...slowly. Almost too slowly in some cases. Lena, at least is still nursing. Hers should be just about at the two month time. I know one is two pounds, the rest, not too far behind. So...about 12 kittens should be ready in about a weeks time. Poor Vet will be working her fingers to the nub.

All that, and our director is retiring, with no replacement in sight.

Answer for question 4358.

How do you feel about e-readers? Would you rather read an actual, physical book? Why do you prefer one over the other?
I like both. Sometimes, I just prefer an actual book, other times, I like my e-reader. I actually prefer the e-reader for those books I read and reread. Or for those classic novels I'm planning on reading, or re reading someday
An actual day off...spent at a yard sale. Ok, not so bad, made a few bucks. Daughter made like a bandit. Her church had a swap meet, then gave her all the excess clothing. Mostly baby and young child stuff...you know, the stuff that goes quick. I KNOW she made at least a hundred, if not more. Well, they needed it, cause the last bad rain flooded their basement and knocked out the water heater.
As daughter put it...there are more things to worry about in home ownership than anyone could have ever told me. Someone needs to write a book about it.
I handed her a notebook and pencil and told her to go for it.

After my day off

Ok...so a day off...even if I did have to spend that hour at the courthouse. At least I didn't have to stay around for the whole thing. Guy said the judge would just sign off on the continuace, so I didn't need to worry. (so why is my stomach still doing the pas de deux from Swan Lake?)
Checked my bank account. depending on how much I get from my pay, should be ok. Yeah...still itchy about the casino. Ok, so I'm a gambler. Deal, ok?
I did manage to NOT go to the casino. I have promised myself, this month, wensdays, since they'll have that kiosk thing about getting extra free play. Something I always like to do. This tuesday...get car inspected and registered for another two years. Then I can go get groceries, put the rest on gas.
Gonna get something different for groceries. Tired of the chili, so, tv dinners, those pizza rolls, and pasta rings with hot dogs. I can get the el cheapo hot dogs and pasta rings, just put them together. Oh, get a few cans of chili, but also coffee and popcorn.
Before that, my cats, and, thank heavens today is payday...and even better, if the check is delayed, I've enough to deal with the loan payment.


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